Misconceptions About Mediating Conflict

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with the judicial dockets, schedules and the entire court system. Mediation has proven to be an especially valuable method of conflict resolution during these trying times.  Pandemic restrictions have led to an increase in the number of mediations in Florida and it is expected that online mediations will likely continue long after the pandemic restrictions have been lifted. It is crucial to seek accurate information about how the mediation process works.  There are many different mediation misconceptions that are simply not true.  While mediation continues to fulfill its promise of being the “wave of the future,”...Read More

South Florida Mediation Service works to make a tough time in your life easier.

Divorce disputes in the courtroom damage relationships, reputation and eat up a considerable sum of money and valuable time. At the same time, Mediation is the most reliable and flexible method of resolving conflicts. The emerging concept of Mediation is proliferating. Workplace, clubs, family, community are all recipients of Mediation. South Florida Mediation Service Service has proved their capability to promptly and effectively resolve cases, providing a saving of time and expense. I have dealt with complicated conflicts in different parts of the world/USA. Delray Beach is one of the areas where I have rendered mediation service for a long...Read More
Financial Affidavit

Top Five Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing the Financial Affidavit

Financial Affidavits are the first step towards a resolution of financial issues. They require careful consideration to ensure that the statement is an accurate reflection of a party’s financial situation. An accurate Financial Affidavit not only ensures a fair and equitable settlement, but reduces conflict and saves your client money. It may be helpful for a financial professional to work closely with the client and their lawyer to ensure that the assets and liabilities are accounted for, all required documents are disclosed, and that no stone is left unturned. Most family law cases involve at least one or several financial...Read More

Top 5 Things to Do For Your Divorce During the Current Pandemic

Divorce can be devastating no matter the circumstance. However, divorce may be more challenging than ever in these unprecedented times. With in-home working, increased financial pressures, and temporary court closings, there are some additional considerations that may lend itself to mediation for those contemplating divorce. 1.) Seek Out Advice and Decide on Your Method of Divorce– The first thing to do if you are contemplating divorce is to seek out advice about the process, the law, and your specific issues. Being fully informed will help you feel at ease at a time when most things seem so out of control....Read More

The health and safety of my Clients & Associates is the top priority for South Florida Mediation Services

The health and safety of my Clients & Associates is the top priority for South Florida Mediation Services. We are all closely monitoring the current situation as we hope for everyone’s safety. My Boca Raton office is open for business based on the guidelines from local government and health officials. The office is cleaned in between appointments, including sanitizing high touch areas such as keyboards, telephones and common areas. I remind Customers & Associates of the importance of handwashing and other recommended actions. In an effort to try and keep family law cases moving in Florida during this period, I...Read More