Top 5 Things to Do For Your Divorce During the Current Pandemic

Divorce can be devastating no matter the circumstance. However, divorce may be more challenging than ever in these unprecedented times. With in-home working, increased financial pressures, and temporary court closings, there are some additional considerations that may lend itself to mediation for those contemplating divorce. 1.) Seek Out Advice and Decide on Your Method of Divorce– The first thing to do if you are contemplating divorce is to seek out advice about the process, the law, and your specific issues. Being fully informed will help you feel at ease at a time when most things seem so out of control....Read More

The health and safety of my Clients & Associates is the top priority for South Florida Mediation Services

The health and safety of my Clients & Associates is the top priority for South Florida Mediation Services. We are all closely monitoring the current situation as we hope for everyone’s safety. My Boca Raton office is open for business based on the guidelines from local government and health officials. The office is cleaned in between appointments, including sanitizing high touch areas such as keyboards, telephones and common areas. I remind Customers & Associates of the importance of handwashing and other recommended actions. In an effort to try and keep family law cases moving in Florida during this period, I...Read More

The Financial side of Divorce

When deciding to divorce, it is recommended for the parties to educate themselves on various financial considerations, provide an overview regarding their options for getting divorced (i.e., litigation, mediation, collaborative), and organize their required financial materials and documents, which will help contain the cost of the process. Before hiring a lawyer or mediator, it is imperative for the parties to gain an understanding of their primary issues and details about their financial situation. If marriage is all about love, then divorce is all about money. And when people are going through a divorce, they must keep their focus on the...Read More

Mediating with Deborah Beylus at South Florida Mediation Services

This holiday season I am thankful for my community- the family law attorneys and divorcing clients who choose to mediate instead of letting the courts decide their future. Divorcing clients often find themselves feeling overwhelmed and drained as they are forced to make major life decisions during an emotionally charged time. By settling in mediation, the divorce process becomes less adversarial than ongoing litigation. A mediated settlement in a family case is a gift the parties give themselves and continue to give themselves long after the divorce is over. Mediation is the most rewarding work I had ever done in...Read More

Divorce Financial Pitfalls

Without exception, divorcing clients want to move on with their lives as quickly as possible after they complete the financial negotiations of their divorce. Moving on includes taking control of their own finances. There is a long list of things to do in order to take control of post-divorce finances before the divorce is truly final. To avoid some common financial pitfalls of divorce, I suggest you have your clients address the following:  Insurance – Make sure that your clients won’t have a gap in health insurance coverage. If they were covered by their former spouse’s company plan, make sure...Read More
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