Dividing Debt in a Divorce

Dividing Debt in a Divorce

Marriage is more than a legal relationship. It is a union of finances as well.  Money problems are always one of the top reasons for divorce. There is no question that money problems can erode the fabric of relationships. The circumstances of every divorce are different, of course, but in many cases, untangling the finances in a divorce is a large part of the battle.  Divorce, however, doesn’t fix those money problems. In fact, it often creates additional ones for each spouse—particularly if there’s only one financial breadwinner. Most people want to emerge financially separated from their former spouses. The...Read More

The Outlook for Mediation in the New World of Covid-19 in 2021

The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic is transforming how we live and work in ways profound and superficial alike. In light of the crisis, those changes will dramatically shift the way many in the mediation industry function permanently. While many of the sources and causes of disputes and conflict continue, the coronavirus and efforts to contain its spread have led to new and immediate conflicts. Managing workforces becomes more difficult while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Tensions in households have skyrocketed since the pandemic. Small disagreements that would be no big deal in a pre-Covid world is enough to start a major...Read More

Top Ten Must Do’s to Prepare For Divorce Settlement Negotiations

There are so many financial and emotional aspects of divorce that have to be balanced that if parties aren’t careful, they can end up in a big mess. As a mediator, cases that settle most smoothly in mediation are those where the parties have done their due diligence and are realistic about settlement. Following these ten tips will help you and your client ensure a more productive mediation to negotiate settlement. Identify the Marital Estate: During the course of the marriage, a couple accumulated assets and liabilities and it must be divided in the divorce. Until your client knows what...Read More

Misconceptions About Mediating Conflict

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with the judicial dockets, schedules and the entire court system. Mediation has proven to be an especially valuable method of conflict resolution during these trying times.  Pandemic restrictions have led to an increase in the number of mediations in Florida and it is expected that online mediations will likely continue long after the pandemic restrictions have been lifted. It is crucial to seek accurate information about how the mediation process works.  There are many different mediation misconceptions that are simply not true.  While mediation continues to fulfill its promise of being the “wave of the future,”...Read More

South Florida Mediation Service works to make a tough time in your life easier.

Divorce disputes in the courtroom damage relationships, reputation and eat up a considerable sum of money and valuable time. At the same time, Mediation is the most reliable and flexible method of resolving conflicts. The emerging concept of Mediation is proliferating. Workplace, clubs, family, community are all recipients of Mediation. South Florida Mediation Service Service has proved their capability to promptly and effectively resolve cases, providing a saving of time and expense. I have dealt with complicated conflicts in different parts of the world/USA. Delray Beach is one of the areas where I have rendered mediation service for a long...Read More