Children and Divorce: Provisions to Consider in Order

Mediating issues involving children and divorce in Boca Raton initiates an amicable process to help resolve current problems and concerns.  Many such issues related to children and divorce in Boca Raton are financial in nature and can be worked out through the collaborative process of mediation if both parties fully engage in the process.  Some provisions to consider in the mediated settlement agreement include: Insurance Policies If one spouse will pay spousal support and/or child support, it is important to include a provision requiring the spouse to maintain life insurance naming the recipient as the beneficiary in case the paying...Read More

Divorce and Children – What Happens to the Family Home?

When Boca Raton parents are considering divorce and children matters, they must take into account how decisions can impact their children.  One important consideration of issues involving divorce and children in Boca Raton is how to deal with the family home.  Some options include: One Spouse Keeps the Home Sometimes the parents believe that the parent with more custodial time should keep the family home.  This may be an emotionally-driven decision because the parents may feel guilty about the kids losing access to both parents at the same time as well as to a home where they may have grown...Read More

Mistakes to Avoid during Divorce and Finances Settlement

The decisions that spouses make during their divorce settlement can affect them for years and possibly even for the rest of their lives.  This is why it is important to consider the effects of divorce and finances during a South Florida divorce.  Some divorce and finances mistakes to avoid in South Florida include: Not Uncovering Hidden Assets During the divorce, it is critical that all assets and debts be identified.  The divorce order can only make instructions regarding those assets and debts that the court knows about.  Unfortunately, some spouses try to hide money that is subject to division.  Assets...Read More

June 16th 11AM – 1PM

LIVE FORMAT CME (Teleseminar) "It's Complicated: Mediation Appearance, Authority & Agreements" (2.1 Ethics/General) Moderated by: TBD This advanced ethics workshop is designed for mediators who mediate court referred cases in more than one area of the court system. This workshop will focus on the nuances between court procedural rules in the areas of party and participant appearance and authority and mediated agreements. Members of FAPM: $10.00 Non/Inactive Members of FAPM: $35.00 REGISTER REFERENCE 'JUNE16' IN PAYMENT Dial in information will be provided upon receipt of payment.Read More

June 7th 11AM – 12:30PM

LIVE FORMAT CME (Teleseminar/Webinar) "All I really need to know I learned from the Financial Affidavit" (1.5 Family/General) Moderated by: Deborah Beylus, FAPM Member & Stanley Zamor, FAPM CEO/President The Financial Affidavit is the most important document to use in mediation for the mediator to identify and understand the issues facing the parties in a pending family case. It is relied upon to calculate child support, identify the assets subject to equitable distribution as well as determine whether alimony is necessary. When used correctly, a mediator can determine non-financial issues about the parties as well. Even the errors and omissions...Read More