How Evaluative Mediators Help with Divorce and Children Cases

Each mediator approaches Boca Raton divorce and children cases in a different manner and has a different style.  While each style provides different benefits, the evaluative mediator can often play a pivotal role in helping the parties reach a peaceful resolution in Boca Raton divorce and children cases. An evaluative mediator is an objective party who actively listens to the side of each party.  In order to get the parties to recognize the need to settle the case, the mediator points out weaknesses in each side of the case.  Many parties only see things from their own perspective and assume...Read More

Why Pro Se Mediation Is Right for Children and Divorce Cases

While mediation participants are entitled to bring a lawyer with them, sometimes it makes more sense for the parties not to, such as is often the case in South Florida children and divorce cases.  South Florida children and divorce cases can be highly emotional in nature, and sometimes lawyers may be too concentrated on their client’s legal interests to be able to see a more effective alternative that can better serve all of the parties’ interests, including the children’s interests. Many times, both parents believe that they are both good parents and want to have equal portions of time with...Read More

Divorce and Finances: Three Mistakes to Avoid

In any South Florida case, divorce and finances are intimately entwined.  It can be difficult for parties to objectively view their financial outlook given the potential disparity of their marital lifestyle with their post-divorce lifestyle.  Many parties make significant mistakes during their divorce and finances are often at the center of the controversy.  Some common mistakes and how to avoid them include: Not Being Informed It is not uncommon for one of the spouses to take primary control over the finances.  This often means that the other party is left in the dark.  He or she may have no idea...Read More

The Top Five Myths of Legal Disputes – Compelling Reasons to Chose Mediation

There is only one solution to a dispute and either we go my way or the way to the other side.If an argument leads to a legal dispute, a legal decision is made by a judge or jury. The traditional legal system ignores possible solutions not allowed in court. A simple solution can often be found quickly and easily. In an era when it may take as long as a year to get a court date, and multiple years if a case is appealed, mediation alternative often provides a more timely way of resolving disputes. When parties want to get...Read More