Civil Mediation South Florida

Civil Mediation attorney
Civil mediation is an effective and efficient method for resolving legal disputes. Whether you are involved in a business dispute, a multi-million dollar lawsuit or you are ending a partnership, mediation allows you to bring an end to the dispute without investing unnecessary time and money into litigation.

Mediation is flexible and can be used to settle disputes in a whole range of situations, including:

  • HOA and Community disputes
  • Contract disputes, including real estate and collection matters
  • Homeowners and Automobile Insurance subrogation and settlement cases
  • Partnership Disputes

The key to a successful mediation is not the willingness of both parties to give in to what the other wants. Instead, the key lies with the mediator – a third party neutral facilitator that brings disputing parties together to discuss their issues at hand. As your mediator, I encourage compromise and negotiation, and also ensure that everyone involved feels as if their concerns are heard. Mediation is about communication and a mediator’s job is to ensure that communication is efficient and productive.

Mediators do not take sides nor make judgments or give guidance. Instead, I assist parties in developing effective communication and building consensus – skills that can later be used to avoid disputes. The goal of a mediation meeting is reaching a common sense settlement that satisfies everyone involved. The process is voluntary and if an agreement is not reached, parties are free to still pursue litigation.

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