Considerations for the Creation of a Parenting Plan in Florida 

Recognizing that children fare better when their parents are cooperative in raising their children, family courts across the country are restructuring how custody is viewed and treated with more and more states going to a parenting plan arrangement.   A parenting plan in Florida provides information pertaining to how parents want to raise their children.  Specific information regarding their education, religion and extracurricular activities may be included.  However, the primary focus of a parenting plan in Florida is how time will be allotted with each parent.

When drafting a parenting plan for a Boca Raton family, it is important to consider many things.  The primary consideration is how any provision will affect the children.  There is not an ideal schedule since every family is different.  Parents know their children better than anyone else and are in the best position to make decisions related to their children and are more knowledgeable about the potential impact of decisions than anyone else including child experts.

Parents can make a parenting plan that changes with time and as their children develop.  Younger children may require more time in a primary home while older children may be fine with greater flexibility between multiple homes.  Parents must also take into consideration their children’s schedules as they pertain to school, extracurricular activities and social activities.  If desired, parents can adapt the schedule as the needs of the parties change so that a plan is not cemented in place.  This allows greater flexibility.  However, some parents may be better off with a firmer plan from the beginning.

Parents must also consider how the plan will affect the other children in the households and how the child may be affected if required to spend time away from siblings.  Parents who put their children’s needs first can often come up with a plan that works well for the entire family.