Coral Springs Divorce Mediator

Divorce is never a simple decision. The separating of two people no longer wanting to be “united in marriage” can destroy one or both parties emotionally, physically, and financially. To work on a resolution and mediate the issues is the best choice that a couple can make for their future. A mediator helps people explore their situation in terms of their needs and interests and promotes discussion and negotiation.

As a mediator, I provide the best and affordable services in Coral Springs, Florida. My services include Civil Mediation, Divorce, and Personal Trustee Services. No matter how severe your problem is, I have the ability and experience needed to support you and resolve it.


Mediation is a voluntary process. Successful mediation benefits partners in various ways. The mediation process is confidential and can be concluded in less time than litigation. It empowers the parties to make decisions mutually instead of a judge making decisions for you and helps lessen further conflict. Mediation is an affordable and flexible process, both timely and convenient. It has a great rate of compliance. Mediation supports ongoing relationships and also benefits children by decreasing conflict.

Mediation is a helpful tool for solving disputes, including civil, family, and workplace conflicts. I successfully resolve and control business and legal disputes by providing expert, cost-friendly and unbiased ways of overcoming obstacles at any conflict. South Florida mediation Service is one of the best mediation service providers in Coral Springs.

The Mediator’s role

Mediators are fair and unbiased. A mediator does not have personal or business connections to either party in the dispute. Mediators help people in a dispute talk with each other regarding the conflict and help identify possible ways the conflict can be resolved. Mediators keep your consultations confidential. They keep private issues private.

The final agreement is drafted by the Mediator with the help of the parties and is signed by all parties to the dispute. The mediation session takes place at a location mutually chosen by the Mediator and participants.

Let us help reduce your burden by finding resolutions to your legal problems. South Florida Mediation Service makes all efforts to help persons with disabilities. If you require special assistance, please let us know. For any queries related to mediation service in Coral Springs, Florida contact 561-789-0710 and by email at

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