Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

As a divorced mother of three, Deborah Beylus, who runs South Florida Mediation Services in Boca Raton, understands the dynamics of going from a two-parent home to a single-parent home.

Beylus provides divorce mediation and financial support to couples with and without attorneys. She is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™. Her 30 years of financial industry experience prepared her to provide specialized financial information to her divorcing clients.

I’m an active participant in the mediation process,” says Beylus. “I help my clients reach settlements that make financial sense. I’m hands-on and take an active role in the process. I’m truthful, neutral, and valuable. And, when my clients finish the mediation process, they’re more knowledgeable about their finances, which is important as they start the next phase of their lives.”

Born and raised in New York, Beylus has lived in South Florida for over 30 years. Her company was named a “Florida Trend” Top Mediation Firm in Florida. Beylus is a frequent speaker on mediation and finances.

Beylus has been president of the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators for the last five years. She serves as a member of the Florida Supreme Court’s Mediation Qualifications Discipline and Review Board (MQDRB) and a past Member of the Florida Supreme Court’s Mediation Inquiry Committee (MIC).

Beylus became a mediator after experiencing divorce herself. “I saw a huge void in the legal process and saw that many financial aspects in my divorce were overlooked or left unaddressed,” says Beylus. “I noticed a gap in the available services and decided I’d fill it.” She completed four extensive training programs. “In addition to the financial components of divorce, I understand the dynamics and underlying issues that divorcing couples face. Today, I know that divorce shouldn’t be a negative experience.”

Her personality is ideal for the role. “I’m not shy. I have patience and perseverance to work through and get the results that the parties need.” She’s passionate about her career. “Divorce is like a puzzle,” Beylus says. “Every issue in divorce is directly or indirectly related. Once we understand all aspects of the divorce, we can assemble the pieces of the divorce and put the pieces of the puzzle back together.”