How Child Custody Mediation Saves Money

Parents who want to steer clear of a contentious and bitter court battle that will drain them of their funds, time, peace and respect for each other, may choose child custody mediation in Boca Raton.  Mediation is a process that takes the parties outside of the courtroom and into a more comfortable setting where the parties of a legal dispute can work together toward a mutually satisfactory agreement.  One of the most significant benefits of child custody mediation is the ability for both parties to save money.

The mediation process is usually much less expensive than litigation.  First, legal expenses and costs tend to increase as the number of legal issues in dispute increase.  Therefore, if a party can mediate even some of the issues, legal expenses tend to be much lower.  Additionally, parties commonly split the costs of mediation.

While some parties bring their attorneys to mediation, many do not.  Some couples terminate their marriage with only the assistance of a skilled mediator and simply ask the judge to make their agreement the court’s order.  This method can save both parties the substantial expense of hiring lawyers.  Even if the parties decide to bring their lawyers, there are still many cost saving opportunities.  Parties who are able to reach a decision on their own terms are more likely to abide by these terms than those that are forced upon them, saving parties future expenses for appeals or contempt of court proceedings.  Additionally, the parties will have a new tool at their disposal if they need to make changes in the future rather than having to go to court to address these needs.

Deborah has extensive experience in the finance industry and can make recommendations pertaining to the financial aspect of the case.  She also uses her mediation background to help guide the parties toward a resolution that is amicable and tailored to their particular needs.