How Evaluative Mediators Help with Divorce and Children Cases

Each mediator approaches Boca Raton divorce and children cases in a different manner and has a different style.  While each style provides different benefits, the evaluative mediator can often play a pivotal role in helping the parties reach a peaceful resolution in Boca Raton divorce and children cases.

An evaluative mediator is an objective party who actively listens to the side of each party.  In order to get the parties to recognize the need to settle the case, the mediator points out weaknesses in each side of the case.  Many parties only see things from their own perspective and assume that the judge will too.  However, an evaluative mediator can be a voice of reason, pointing out how certain factors may influence a judge’s final ruling.

An evaluative mediator provides clarity when contemplating how a party’s legal interests may be affected if litigation continues.  An attorney may be present to represent his or her client’s interests as the evaluative mediator shuttles information back and forth.  The mediator points out the potential benefits and risks of pursuing a resolution in court rather than in settlement.

The evaluative mediator plays many important roles in cases involving divorce and children.  He or she can help the parties realistically align their positions.  He or she can also point out weaknesses that the parties have failed to contemplate.  When a parent realizes that he or she may face dire stakes, such as losing custody of his or her child, the parent may be more willing to negotiate a reasonable settlement.  By being fully informed and encouraged to collaborate throughout the process, parents are empowered to find a solution together that takes into consideration their unique needs and preferences.