July 12th 11:30AM – 1:00PM

LIVE FORMAT CME (Teleseminar/Webinar)

“All I really need to know I learned from the Financial Affidavit PART II” (1.5 Family/General)

Moderated by: Deborah Beylus, FAPM Member & Stanley Zamor,  FAPM CEO/President         

The Financial Affidavit is the most important document to use in mediation for the mediator to identify and understand the issues facing the parties in a pending family case. It is relied upon to calculate child support, identify the assets subject to equitable distribution as well as determine whether alimony is necessary. When used correctly, a mediator can determine non-financial issues

about the parties as well. Even the errors and omissions can teach the Mediator about the financial and non-financial issues surrounding the case. In this CME, we will go over the sections of the Financial Affidavit, the pitfalls to avoid as a mediator and how to use the affidavit to identify most of the issues pending.

OBJECTIVE: To educate mediators, attorneys and other participants in mediation about the importance of the Financial Affidavit.  A Further Look at each of the individual Components used to calculate child support that are derived from the financial affidavit to accurately run child support guidelines.

GOAL:  The proper use of the Financial Affidavit is vital in the mediation process.  By correctly identifying and approaching the financial components found within the Financial Affidavit, the mediator, attorneys and parties can work to accurately run child support guidelines.

Members of FAPM: $10.00                                          Non/Inactive Members of FAPM: $35.00



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Deborah Beylus holds the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation ICDFA.  Deborah utilizes her extensive financial background in her mediation practice by blending her expertise in financial and tax  Issues of Divorce in mediation to accurately settle financial matters in the settlement agreement, including equitable distribution, calculating child support and helping to determine the need and ability to pay alimony.

Stanley Zamor has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator for over a decade. He is certified in County, Circuit Civil and Family Court for the State of Florida and is an ADR Expert. Mr. Zamor is a private mediator with a multi-disciplinary practice and has the distinction of being selected, and appointed to Federal and State governmental agency rosters. Mr. Zamor also has the distinction of serving as an arbitrator for Circuit Court, as well as FINRA (f/k/a NASD, participating in securities/consumer claims). Mr. Zamor implements a unique hybrid of conflict resolution styles; and has a keen ability to manage high-conflict personalities/complex legal issues, while assisting participants in achieving mutually beneficial consensus.