The Outlook for Mediation in the New World of Covid-19 in 2021

The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic is transforming how we live and work in ways profound and superficial alike. In light of the crisis, those changes will dramatically shift the way many in the mediation industry function permanently.

While many of the sources and causes of disputes and conflict continue, the coronavirus and efforts to contain its spread have led to new and immediate conflicts. Managing workforces becomes more difficult while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Tensions in households have skyrocketed since the pandemic. Small disagreements that would be no big deal in a pre-Covid world is enough to start a major spat between spouses.

As businesses and households suffer through this crisis, it is more important than ever that disputes get resolved in a timely and efficient way. There is a time-tested solution to this problem: mediation. In many places, the courts are closed or restricted. These courts are mandating mediation to avoid conflicts brought to a standstill because of COVID-19. With the help of a skilled, experienced mediator, mediation is efficient and effective. Zoom allows for it to be realized without inconvenience.

When it’s time for settlement, you and your clients need a mediator who is knowledgeable about the issues in divorce, understands the financials, and gets the job done. Whether it is divorce, alimony, custody or post-judgment issues, allow Deborah Beylus of South Florida Mediation Services to mediate the case to help you negotiate what matters to you and your clients in a balanced manner. 561-789-0710.