Rule 12.740 Relative to In Person Mediations:

Rule 12.740 Relative to In Person Mediations:

As we move into 2023, I expect that online mediation will continue to be even more commonplace.

As life begins to look a bit more normal, Deborah Beylus and South Florida Mediation Services want you all to be aware of the change in Rule 12.740 relative to in person mediations (amended through November 17, 2022). Every effort must be made to expedite mediation of family issues. Such referral, or written stipulation of the parties, may provide for mediation or arbitration in person, remotely via audio or audio video communication technology, or a combination thereof.

As South Florida Mediation Services expects to continue to conduct mediations online, Deborah Beylus plans to  amend the family agreements to include a sentence that the parties are aware that they could have mediated in person, but they waive the right for an in-person mediation in lieu of mediating virtually. And if South Florida Mediation Services conducts in-person mediations, then this would not apply.

Relative to In Person Mediations

There are complex financial issues at play in every divorce. To achieve a settlement agreement that is fair to each spouse, it’s critical to understand how to identify, value and divide different assets in a fair and balanced manner.

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