Supreme Court of Florida

In re: Procedures Governing Certification of Mediators, Fla. Admin. Order No. AOSC19-26 (May 28, 2019) was signed by Chief Justice Canady and contains several significant modifications to the requirements for mediator certification and renewal.  The administrative order is effective immediately and highlights include:

  • Allowing more live methods of continuing mediator education (CME) hours with mentorship activities (up to four hours) and lecturing now being counted as live hours;
  • Elimination of the four-hour appellate specific CME requirement for certified appellate mediators;
  • Including attendance at court alternative dispute resolution (ADR) committee and board meetings for time spent on mediation topics as a live method of CME;
  • Inclusion of pre-suit home owner association (HOA) disputes, within the jurisdiction of the circuit court, mediated by a certified circuit mediator, to qualify for circuit mentorship;
  • Inclusion of the process for Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) background screening for mediators seeking certification and certified mediators adding an area of certification;
  • Adoption of the expanded interpersonal violence (IPV) definition for CME activities; and
  • Consolidation of administrative orders AOSC11-1 and AOSC12-48.

GREAT NEWS FOR ALL. There are no increases to the fees for certification or renewal.