Every divorce is different and every couple presents unique circumstances. One thing however, has not changed over the years: My clients are treated with dignity and respect and here is what some have had to say:

PP“This mediator was so warm and professional! I would recommend her for any future mediations.”
EW“Deborah Beylus, you are awesome. I highly recommend you to anyone going through a divorce. You are not only professional and knowledgeable but also kind and understanding to both me and my husband. I felt like you were very fair to both of us, and never took sides.”
LJ“Great and great! When I need a tough case settled, you are the mediator to use. Deborah, you are always on top of your game. You are attentive, detail oriented, and thorough and everyone in the room smiles when you speak- even when you bring up difficult or controversial issues. I don’t know how you do it, but you do it. Thank you.”
H“Thank you so much, really…I know it’s your profession; however, you made it so very personal and real and treated us as two people going through a hard transition… thank you so much.”
KD“My wife and I have had over 50 years experience working with children and families. We are keenly aware of when individuals do their jobs or when the rare circumstance occurs and people move their level of commitment to a higher level. You have humbled me as you have taken me under your wings and worked to ensure a better quality of life for me and my soon to be ex-wife. Your willingness to hold my hand and walk me through complex issues during an emotional time for us has been extraordinary. I have tears in my eyes as I sit here and thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done and helped me to accomplish.”
FF“I just wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did as it pertains to my divorce from my wife. Your attention to detail really made every aspect of our agreement so much easier to address. I appreciate your efforts to conduct a sound mediation session to assist me in resolving all of our issues so that we can both move on with our lives. My children are fortunate that we are able to work together to raise them without the constant fighting. You helped us iron out a clear schedule and division of responsibilities so we can co-parent. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
ME“Thank you for working with my client and helping resolve his dispute. You did a good job in bringing the parties together.”
MW”You mediated a case for me regarding a modification of child support. I like your style of mediation. I have handed out your cards in recommending you to other solo practitioners. I look forward to utilizing your services again.”