The Benefits of Mediation in Divorce

It is universally agreed that when possible, allowing parties to make their own decisions that impact their own financial outcome with the assistance of a mediator is much better than having a judge tell everybody what to do.  The mediation process, because it is a negotiation, gives the parties a chance to seek a win-win resolution or to come up with alternative resolutions that benefit everyone involved. Litigation, while necessary in certain cases, is indeed a win-lose proposition. In effect, there can only be one “winner” or “loser” in trial. Trial is an exercise of loss of control by the parties. A judge is making decisions for their future. Settlements reached in mediation tend to have a higher compliance rate, and ultimately have a higher perceived fairness by the parties involved as compared to a trial.

There are additional benefits of divorce mediation which include:

  • A feeling of self-control and freedom during the process.
  • An opportunity to emotionally “vent” in a safe place.
  • Openly discuss issues
  • A time and place to consider alternatives and successful win-win resolutions.
  • An opportunity to reduce trauma for children and show them that you and your spouse were able to engage in constructive conflict resolution.

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