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When is Mediation the Best Choice?

I believe that whenever mediation is possible, mediation is a better method of dispute resolution than ongoing litigation. If you believe that you and the other party can work cooperatively to come to an agreement over your dispute, then mediation could save you a significant amount of time, stress and expense.

The Clear Benefits of Mediation

You Control the Outcome: In trial, and only knowing of you for a short period, the judge decides on your future. In mediation, you and the other party work cooperatively to reach a settlement that you both find agreeable.
Mediation is Less Expensive: There are no court costs in mediation, and depending on the complexity of your claim you may be able to conduct mediation without a lawyer, which eliminates that legal expense.

Simple, Complete Divorce Mediation Package Without Attorneys

As your mediator, I can handle every aspect of your divorce. I can help you come to mutually acceptable agreements over issues such as:

  • Child time-sharing
  • Property division
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

Once you and your spouse have decided on terms of a settlement, I will prepare a document called the “Marital Settlement Agreement.” I will arrange for all the necessary documents to be prepared that will ultimately be filed with the Circuit Court. Depending upon whether children are involved, the entire process can take as little as a month from the time you first file for divorce.

I am committed to doing what is in the best interest of the clients, and will do whatever is reasonably possible to help you reach an agreeable settlement and avoid the strain and expense of adversarial litigation. As your mediator, I do not advise either party nor do I decide the issues for the parties.

Attending mediation before a case is filed with the court can be beneficial to the parties involved to avoid unnecessary costly litigation. By working with me as a private, family mediator, who’s also experienced in financial matters, the parties can be confident that all of the important issues, including your finances will be addressed at the mediation.

When Does Mediation Not Work?

Unfortunately, not all disputes can be resolved through mediation or alternative dispute resolution. If you are facing a legal conflict, ask yourself, “Should I Hire a Mediator?” Sometimes, the conflict is so contentious that the opposing parties are unable to cooperate to reach an agreement. In addition, mediation cannot work in divorce cases that involve domestic violence.