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A House Divided: Splitting the Marital Residence in Divorce Mediation

The “Marital residence” is a term used in divorce law to refer to the property where the couple resided together before the breakdown of the marriage. Since the marital residence is often the most valuable asset and a mortgage is often the largest liability, deciding which party keeps the marital residence can be one of the most difficult decisions a couple will make in a divorce. Unlike a bank account, a house cannot be divided in half. For this reason, we often pay special attention to structuring how the marital residence is accounted for in equitable distribution. In a divorce,...Read More

Divorce and Finances: Three Mistakes to Avoid

In any South Florida case, divorce and finances are intimately entwined.  It can be difficult for parties to objectively view their financial outlook given the potential disparity of their marital lifestyle with their post-divorce lifestyle.  Many parties make significant mistakes during their divorce and finances are often at the center of the controversy.  Some common mistakes and how to avoid them include: Not Being Informed It is not uncommon for one of the spouses to take primary control over the finances.  This often means that the other party is left in the dark.  He or she may have no idea...Read More