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A House Divided: Splitting the Marital Residence in Divorce Mediation

The “Marital residence” is a term used in divorce law to refer to the property where the couple resided together before the breakdown of the marriage. Since the marital residence is often the most valuable asset and a mortgage is often the largest liability, deciding which party keeps the marital residence can be one of the most difficult decisions a couple will make in a divorce. Unlike a bank account, a house cannot be divided in half. For this reason, we often pay special attention to structuring how the marital residence is accounted for in equitable distribution. In a divorce,...Read More

Why Pro Se Mediation Is Right for Children and Divorce Cases

While mediation participants are entitled to bring a lawyer with them, sometimes it makes more sense for the parties not to, such as is often the case in South Florida children and divorce cases.  South Florida children and divorce cases can be highly emotional in nature, and sometimes lawyers may be too concentrated on their client’s legal interests to be able to see a more effective alternative that can better serve all of the parties’ interests, including the children’s interests. Many times, both parents believe that they are both good parents and want to have equal portions of time with...Read More