Top Fifteen Financial Moves to Keep You in Line During a Divorce

Marriage is more than a legal relationship. It is a union of finances as well. If you plan to divorce, untangling your finances is a large part of the battle. Divorce is one of the most financially traumatic things a couple can go through makes. 1. Make copies of all credit card statements, bank statements and three years of tax returns. 2. Identify all marital debts. Pull credit report to ensure that you are aware of all outstanding debt. 3. Value all assets, if possible. Remember, assets are ultimately worth what someone is willing to pay for them. And the only way to...Read More

Happy Holidays from South Florida Mediation Services

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or that can literally save their lives.” Behind every successful woman is Herself. While this may be true on one level, the reality is that nobody achieves success or realizes their life purpose by themselves. It's a process that requires and demands a team providing guidance and support. That kind of help is all around us -- we just don't always see it. Every story of success is a...Read More

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation in Florida

It is universally agreed that when possible, allowing parties to make their own decisions that impact their own family with the assistance of a family mediator is much better than having a judge tell everybody what to do. Without question, the greatest benefit to the divorce mediation process is that it gives the parties involved a chance to resolve their case by themselves, without submitting their case to a third party judge whom they barely know. The divorce mediation process, because it is a negotiation, gives the parties a chance to seek a win-win resolution or to come up with...Read More

The Importance of Full Financial Disclosure in Divorce Mediation

In almost all divorce cases in Florida, an agreement that’s reached in mediation will be binding upon the parties. This is true even if the agreement is unfair and even if the agreement is grossly unfair.  Parties in mediation are required to have exchanged full and fair disclosure, complete  financial affidavits, and in some cases seek the advice of attorneys. Florida is a contract state. A contract that is fulfilled with full financial disclosure with or even without the advice and consent of attorneys is one that’s probably will not be set aside. This is true even if one of...Read More

My home and my office both located in South Florida

My home and my office are both located in South Florida and are currently within Hurricane Irma's projected path. After the storm has passed, my availability will depend on the severity of the storms damage to the surrounding area. My thoughts are with all my clients and friends that may be affected by this storm. As always, feel free to reach out to me if you need my divorce mediation services. www.southfloridamediationservices.comRead More